Friday, July 17, 2020

How to pay India visa?

Payment (How to pay India visa?)

You can make payment in any of the 132 currencies and payment methods including Debit/Credit/Cheque/Paypal methods. Note that the receipt is sent to the email id provided at the time of making payment. Payment is charged in USD and converted into local currency for your electronic India Visa application (eVisa India).

If you are not able to make payment for Indian eVisa (electronic Visa India) then the most likely reason is the issue is, that this international transaction is being blocked by your bank/credit/debit card company. Kindly call the phone number at the back of your card, and try to make another attempt at making payment, this resolves the issue in the vast majority of cases.

India Visa Application process

India Visa application process for an eVisa India is completely online. There is no requirement to visit Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission or any other office of Government of India. The entire process can be completed on this website.

Note that before an eVisa India or electronic Indian Visa online is issued, you may be asked further questions related to your family relationship, parents and spouse name and be asked to upload passport scan copy. If you are not able to upload these or answer any questions subsequently, then you can contact us for support and assistance. In case you are visiting for business purposes, you may be also asked to provide reference of Indian organization or company that is being visited.

India Visa application process on average takes few minutes to complete, if you are stuck at any point kindly seek assistance of our support team and contact us on this website using the contact us form.

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